Nishkam Prem

Selfless love for God
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During October-November 1989, Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj gave this compelling series of discourses. Over four days, Shri Maharaj Ji revealed the intricacies of selfless love through an in-depth discussion of this topmost expression that a devotee can harbour for the Supreme Lord. He guides us through the milestones of devotion, elaborating on the qualities and all-important features, before and after arriving at the final destination of bhava bhaktiThis series is an explanation of one of Shri Maharaj Ji’s songs from Prema Rasa Madira, shyam mohim dehu prem nishkam. In it, Shri Maharaj Ji writes from the point of view of an earnest soul, one who entreats his Beloved Lord, Shri Krishna in all humility.  

The series in essence explains that our devotional practice and the attainment of bhava bhakti are in fact stages we must go through and reach in order to make our call to the Supreme Lord genuine. If your desire is not genuinely from the heart, how can you expect to receive the highest in return? 

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