Prema Rasa Madira (H)

प्रेम रस मदिरा
The special sweetness of divine love
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Pages: 576

The Vedas and all other scriptures unanimously declare that the ultimate aim of every living being is the attainment of infinite, everlasting bliss. This infinite and eternal bliss is the Supreme Lord Shri Krishna, as established by scriptural statements such as raso vai sah, "He alone is bliss". And yet that same Shri Krishna, the very abode of infinite bliss, is bound by His own most intimate power, a divine entity known as prema or divine love. Prema Rasa Madira has therefore been written from the perspective of attaining divine love, the supreme goal of every living being.   

The extraordinary range of unique divine pastimes that took place during Shri Krishna's last descension 5000 years ago form the basis of these 1008 devotional songs.  The emotive depictions of the sweetness permeating the sacred abode of God, divine love, devotional humility, love in separation, love in union and the child and adolescent pastimes of Shri Radha and Shri Krishna, etc. that are so vividly portrayed are in accordance with the narrations of the Vedas and other scriptures, and the writings of the Rasika Saints.


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