Shri Radha Trayodashi

The beauty of Shri Radha
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Pages: 32

No one in modern times revealed so much about the ultimate supremacy, matchless beauty and tender-loving nature of Shri Radha than Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj. Shri Radha Trayodashi, containing thirteen devotional songs is testimony to this. These writings arouse the mind and engage it in rupadhyana, loving remembrance of Her beautiful fair-complexioned form. Using worldly comparisons like the colour of molten gold, the brightness of a flash of lightning and the radiance of a rainbow, Shri Maharaj Ji gives us some insight into Her heart-stealing beauty. The delicateness of Her causelessly merciful nature, Her intoxicating fragrance, astonishing smile and blissful sidelong glances all have the effect of casting a spell over the Lord of Love Himself, Shri Krishna.

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